apartments in the netherlands

7 useful facts about Apartments in the Netherlands

apartments in the netherlands

Here are some general things that are good to know about apartments in the Netherlands.

1. Narrow stairs – I can barely call them stairs actually, they’re more like ladders, super steep, narrow, and tricky!

2. No elevators¬†– This is a given I think with European apartments but it’s even more fun with ladder-stairs and 50lbs worth of luggage. Be prepared and exercise in advance. ūüėČ

3. No oven – I think most people can live without an oven on a vacation but it’s important if you’re looking for a place to live! Most apartments have something in between an oven and a microwave but it just isn’t the same.

4.¬†Floor 0 – In¬†Europe the bottom floor starts at 0 instead of the US’s beloved 1.

5. Water – The tap water in Holland is ¬†drinkable and in my opinion¬†much much better tasting than US tap water, don’t be afraid to order it at a restaurant!

6. Trash – This one threw me off at first. Honestly, after walking around for a week never noticing any trash on the streets and a trash bin of my own filling up I finally had to ask the landlord where to put the trash. There are green (sometimes orange) receptacles that go into the ground outside of most apartment buildings which I think is actually pretty ingenious! Some places will still have a traditional trash system where you leave it out front though.

7. A slight lean – You may notice that some buildings actually look like they’re leaning towards you when looking up, like the may collapse! Some buildings were made to lean so it is easier to move things up via a pulley system to the top floor.

useful facts about Apartments in the Netherlands