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Frequently asked questions : 

What time do you normally shoot?

I prefer to shoot in the mornings when there are less people around and when the morning light is beautiful. Sometimes I also do twilight sessions right at sunset.

What happens if it rains?

Northern Europe rains a lot, the weather can even be quite bipolar, from sunny to raining in minutes. If it’s possible to reschedule we can try but we know that travel time can be limited so we can bring a cute umbrella and embrace the weather!

How do we schedule a session? 

Start by e-mailing me via the contact form above and let me know when you’re interested in scheduling a session. I will have you sign an online contract and you can pay in cash on the day of for the short & sweet session, a 25% deposit is required for the basic & highlights sessions, the rest is due at the session.

What should we wear?

I recommend dressing up more than your usual attire for sessions. In general I also recommend no extremes, nothing too baggy, too patterned, too matchy, too short, etc. I have also created a pinterest page with my own personal recommendations for portrait session styles.

What should we bring?

If you plan to wear heels, just think about the fact that we may be walking around a lot, so if you’re shoes may be uncomfortable bring a more comfortable pair that can easily be changed into. Be aware that your stuff will have to be set down whenever we shoot so don’t bring anything you don’t mind leaving unattended for a few minutes.



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