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how to get to kinderdijk the netherlands

My trip to Kinderdijk Molenkade – Making the trip from Amsterdam isn’t necessarily simple but it is definitely worth it to see the best spot in the Netherlands for beautiful windmills. Kinderdijk is located outside of Rotterdam in the quiet area of Alblasserdam. There are 19 windmills built in 1740 that can still be used to pump water in the case of an emergency, the highest concentration of windmills in Holland. Kinderdijk is one of the most popular tourist spots in the Netherlands is on the UNESCO world heritage site list. To make it out there from Amsterdam Central take the intercity direct to Rotterdam Central to Lombardijen station and the bus 90 to Molenkade. It is almost a 2 hour journey if you do it right and plan accordingly. Other routes may take up to 2.5 hours with extra stops that can add to the confusion. If there is a group of you going I recommend simple renting a car. The journey by train comes out to be almost 40 euro and will take longer than directly driving there.

Once you arrive you will see a restaurant with a souvenir shop and to the left a museum. There will be a long path where you can walk or bike with windmills on each side of you. Across the bridge at the turning point you can pay to access the interior of the windmill. There is also a ferry that can take you through the windmills on the water. I visited the windmills after all the boats, stores, and restaurants were closed down so I felt like I had the park to myself. I planned it so I could see the windmills at sunset and I am happy to say that it did not disappoint! On the way back I took the exact same route in reverse which was longer only due to a late train. It was nice to have the windmills mostly to myself but I did bring a picnic for myself since I knew everything would be closed and since Kinderdijk is off the beaten path, there is nothing else around to eat. I highly recommend an early or late trip, depending on the experience you want to go for at the windmills!

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